Shoulder-Width Apart

Spectral Norwegian landscapes remind us that sometimes solitude can be bliss.
From the “Extra Domicile” cassette out now on BARO Records and Watery Starve Press.

Music by Ant’lrd. Shot on location in Oslo, Norway and Chicago, IL
in Winter 2013. Footage courtesy of Colin Blanton.

© MMXIII non films & brian ratigan
— NON.002 —

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Reviews from the Web:
Decoder Magazine: “Like staring into the night sky through a pair of kaleidoscopes, the contents of this strangely alluring tape shift, warp and dissolve before reappearing as bursts of sound in all its myriad forms.”

Tiny Mix Tapes: “Way out there, in the boundless fleeting instances in between notes, there is a galaxy of disorientating sound expanding like a Mandelbrot set. It makes me feel at home to be there. ”

Ad Hoc: “Blanton works some sampler magic to transport listeners to that blissful space right between dreaming and waking up.”