A restless canopy of animated anxiety undercuts a vivid episode in the forest.
Hand drawn stop motion animations stitch together fragments of a memorable afternoon, accompanied by a serene soundscape by Ant’lrd.

Produced by Non Films. Music by Ant’lrd.
Animation by ratigan. Footage courtesy of C. Blanton.

From the album SUNNUP on BARO Records.

Filmed in Forest Park in Oregon in October 2k14.

© MMXV non films & BARO Records
— NON.004 —

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Reviews from the Web:

Foreign Accents: “What sets Sunnup apart from other similar records is that the theme here is of an ecstatic affirmation of nature rather than a gloomy meditation on loss or the unknown.”   – Matthew Sweeney

Decoder Magazine: “Issued via BARO, a cassette imprint which is only getting better with age, the six-song cassette is a set of snow-drifted drone suites that perfectly soundtrack the unending winter.”