Desire Lines

Excerpts from the tour visual set for Portland recording artist Ant’lrd.
Produced by Non Films. “Root Structure” by Ant’lrd.

© MMXV Non Films & Ant’lrd
— NON.006 —

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Reviews from the Web:

Guide Me Little Tape: “This is music that rewards the recumbent as it absolutely requires the listener to sit back and look into the layers, and the layers run deep. The loops are heavily aged with processing and layered into complex, weaving patterns of near-melodies.

Lost in a Sea of Sound: “Like a tornado siren issuing warning and playing farewell in the same sounding. Before and after drone for planets changing population density with mass exodus or extinction…The entire listen seems like the hum of energy from a population being so slowly turned down on a glacial time scale.”   – Robot

Tiny Mix Tapes: “Part found sound nature hike, part scrappy, crunchy granola noise outing, Ant’lrd’s gone and made a little something for everybody with this. [It] sounds like what I imagine a noise show in the middle of the woods, in the middle of the night, to be: a little hazy, drone-y, and very crisp.”   – Jason C

antlrd-Brad-DavisAnt’lrd performing live (photo by Brad Davis)